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About Us

City Melt provides free information to help you learn about people and the places they inhabit. Kyle Bucklen and Stephen
Traino began their work in November 2007, progressing steadily on a part-time schedule to grow this unique web site. City
Melt was created because we love to learn about new places and needed a simple and intuitive way to compare information
about those places.

Before visiting or relocating to a new place, be sure to check City Melt to understand historical weather patterns, crime
statistics for the past 5 years, population statistics, average income, schools, hospitals, and a multitude of other data
that will be helpful to you. The information within City Melt presently concentrates on the United States.

People visit physical places such as villages, towns, and cities for short or long periods of time. Some people may live
in one place their entire lives rarely visiting outside destinations. Others may be professional travelers, with unlimited
resources, and are able to visit thousands of places during their lifetimes. Most of us are somewhere in between, yearning
for the opportunity to travel but miss the simple pleasures of home when we are away.

To understand how City Melt could be of use in your life, consider the following example which illustrates how many times
you may move in your life. The example does not include work or recreational travel.

You are born in a big city but grow up in a small rural village with long winters. Then you go to college 2,000 miles from
home experiencing a new community away from your parents. After college, you land your first job near a cozy coastal
paradise full of palm trees. Within 2 short years you're awarded with a promotion transferring you to a big city allowing
for a vibrant nightlife. After a few years, you decide to settle down and raise a family 30 miles outside the city in the
quiet suburbs. When your kids move out, you retire to the tranquil desert which allows you and your spouse to live in

Also, consider this...

Most of you have friends, parents, grown children, siblings, relatives, and business contacts in different places. You may
want to know more about the places where they live.  Sometimes you may become nostalgic and dream about your original
hometown or the places you once visited on vacation.