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West Compton Cdp, California Government Analysis

   (County: Los Angeles County)

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Government Analysis

People run the government through election of representatives and officials. Local governments are important to provide cohesion between individuals who must share public places. Worthwhile laws need to be debated, passed, and then enforced for a community to remain viable. Communities such as West Compton Cdp, California are often affected in positive and negative ways by government performance.

Health Care Centers Close To West Compton Cdp, California

Sun-triune Healthcare, Inc

     Address: 3660 Wilshire Blvd Suite 518, Los Angeles, California 90010
     Ownership: Proprietary
     Certified Date: 12/3/2003

Cosmopolitan Health Services

     Address: 3699 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1280, Los Angeles, California 90010
     Ownership: Voluntary Non Profit - Private
     Certified Date: 3/23/1994

Horizon Home Care, Inc

     Address: 2140 West Olympic Blvd Suite 534, Los Angeles, California 90006
     Ownership: Proprietary
     Certified Date: 10/1/2001

Progressive 2000 Hhc

     Address: 948 North Fairfax Ave, Suite 200, Los Angeles, California 90046
     Ownership: Proprietary
     Certified Date: 6/3/1998

Apex Home Health Services

     Address: 3919 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, California 90043
     Ownership: Proprietary
     Certified Date: 3/2/1995

Hospitals Close To West Compton Cdp, California

White Memorial Medical Center

     Address: 1720 E Cesar Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90033
     Hospital Type: Acute Care Hospitals
     Ownership: Voluntary Non-profit - Church

Usc Kenneth Norris Jr Cancer Hospital

     Address: 1441 Eastlake Ave, Los Angeles, California 90033
     Hospital Type: Acute Care Hospitals
     Ownership: Voluntary Non-profit - Private

Temple Community Hospital

     Address: 235 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, California 90004
     Hospital Type: Acute Care Hospitals
     Ownership: Proprietary

Los Angeles Community Hospital

     Address: 4081 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90023
     Hospital Type: Acute Care Hospitals
     Ownership: Proprietary

Kaiser Foundation Hospital

     Address: 4867 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90027
     Hospital Type: Acute Care Hospitals
     Ownership: Voluntary Non-profit - Other

Nursing Homes Close To West Compton Cdp, California

Villa Maria Elena Healthcare C

     Address: 2309 N Santa Fe Ave, Compton, California 90222
     Ownership: For Profit - Partnership
     Number of Residents: 64
     Percent Occupied: 65%

Calif Hosp Med Ctr L.a. Dp Snf

     Address: 1401 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles, California 90015
     Ownership: Non Profit - Corporation
     Number of Residents: 12
     Percent Occupied: 39%

Amberwood Conv. Hospital

     Address: 6071 York Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90042
     Ownership: For Profit - Individual
     Number of Residents: 78
     Percent Occupied: 73%

Mid-wilshire Health Care Cntr

     Address: 676 S. Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, California 90057
     Ownership: For Profit - Corporation
     Number of Residents: 74
     Percent Occupied: 93%

Country Villa Cheviot Garden Healthcare Center

     Address: 3533 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90034
     Ownership: For Profit - Limited Liability Company
     Number of Residents: 97
     Percent Occupied: 98%

Closest Nuclear Power Plant To
West Compton Cdp, California

Name: San Onofre (SONGS) 2 and 3
Address: PO Box 128; San Clemente, CA 92674
Distance: 50 Miles

(updated 2007)

Social Security Users in West Compton Cdp, California

    Retired Workers: 7,010
    Disabled Workers: 2,095
    Widowers Workers: 1,240
    Spouses Workers: 710
    Children Workers: 1,840

(updated 2007)

Government Finances In West Compton Cdp, California


Regular Highways: $21,000
Housing & Community Development: $4,217,000
Parks & Recreation: $90,000
Sewerage: $1,055,000
Solid Waste Management: $8,592,000
All Other: $3,052,000


Water Utilities: $7,145,000
Transit Utilities: $22,000

Federal Intergovernmental

Housing & Community Development: $10,660,000
All Other: $1,565,000
Water Utilities: $21,000

State Intergovernmental

General Support: $10,468,000
Highways: $1,768,000
All Other: $1,724,000
Transit Utilities: $167,000

Local Intergovernmental

Housing & Community Development: $934,000

Current Operations

Financial Administration: $15,165,000
Fire Protection: $12,798,000
Judicial And Legal Services: $1,704,000
Central Staff Services: $7,987,000
Health Services - Other: $949,000
Regular Highways: $6,942,000
Housing & Community Development: $17,805,000
Parks & Recreation: $1,420,000
Protective Inspection And Regulation, Nec: $700,000
Sewerage: $198,000
Solid Waste Management: $8,263,000
General - Other: $3,666,000
Water Utilities: $5,965,000
Transit Utilities: $2,242,000


Regular Highways: $1,141,000
Housing & Community Development: $4,252,000
Water Utilities: $363,000
Transit Utilities: $993,000

Other Capital Outlay

Fire Protection: $73,000
Central Staff: $1,000
Police Protection: $99,000
General - Other: $2,312,000


Interest On Debt: $4,735,000

Water Utilities

Interest On Debt: $38,000

Intergovernmental To Local Nec

Police Protection: $13,090,000


Property: $30,525,000
Total General Sales: $9,837,000
Public Utilities: $13,821,000
Other Selective Sales: $226,000
Occupation & Business License, Nec: $2,173,000
Other License: $758,000
Documentary & Stock Transfer: $483,000


Special Assessments: $4,601,000
Property Sale Other: $2,000
Interest Earnings: $2,399,000
Fines & Forfeits: $1,848,000
Rents: $947,000
General Revenue, Nec: $1,412,000

Sinking Fund

Cash & Deposits: $23,704,000

Bond Fund

Cash & Deposits: $19,031,000

Other Funds

Cash & Deposits: $30,269,000

Otal Salaries & Wages: $31,139,000
Ong Term Debt Retired Unspecified Public Purpose: $6,111,000
Ong Term Debt Outstanding Unspecified Public Purpo: $95,743,000

Long Term Debt Beginning Outstanding

Unspecified Public Purpose: $101,854,000

(updated 2006)

Los Angeles County, California Presidential Election

  • Kerry & Edwards 63.10%
  • Bush & Cheney 35.60%
  • Other 1.30%

(updated 2004)

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