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Havana Ccd, Florida Weather Analysis

   (County: Gadsden County)

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Weather Analysis

The enjoyment of the area in which you live is often affected by the weather. Each individual has a different view on what weather patterns will make them most happy. Some people love the seasons, others enjoy warm temperatures throughout the year while others may love the snow. The weather provided for Havana Ccd, Florida is based on over 50 years of data.

Storms In Havana Ccd, Florida

  Fatalities Injuries Property
Thunderstorm Wind        
08/08/2006, 07:00 pm 0 0 -- $5K
05/07/2006, 12:35 pm 0 0 $1K --
06/03/2004, 12:55 pm 0 0 $1K --
04/25/2003, 09:07 am 0 0 $1K --
08/01/2002, 05:30 pm 0 0 $3K --
06/23/2000, 03:25 pm 0 0 $1K --

Hurricanes And Storms In Havana Ccd, Florida

  • Category 1: (Name Unknown) - Wind Speed: 70 Knots
  • Tropical Storm: (Name Unknown) - Wind Speed: 38 Knots *
  • Extratropical Storm: HILDA - Wind Speed: 35 Knots

* Hurricane and storm wind is an average wind speed during the storms's life in Havana Ccd, Florida

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