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Demographics Analysis

The people of Burtchville Township, Michigan give the community character. This place is unique because of factors such as population size / density, ethnic background, ratio of males to females, and average age.

Total Population In Burtchville Township, Michigan is

(updated 2009)

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Education Analysis

The amount of education a person receives can deeply affect their lives. The amount of education Burtchville Township, Michigan citizens receive, averaged as group, may also affect the community.

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Geography Analysis

The actual land features relating to Burtchville Township, Michigan affect how people live their lives. Natural features such as oceans, mountains, lakes, plains, and deserts all make a difference in the lives of individuals. The types of housing, heating fuels, and transportation infrastructure are largely influenced by the geography of Burtchville Township, Michigan.

Cities Nearby Burtchville Township, Michigan

Fort Gratiot Township, MI  (pop. 10,691) 5.7 Miles
Worth Township, MI  (pop. 3,874) 6.8 Miles
Port Huron City, MI  (pop. 29,483) 10.1 Miles
Lexington Village, MI  (pop. 1,154) 10.5 Miles
Port Huron Township, MI  (pop. 8,615) 10.6 Miles
Kenockee Township, MI  (pop. 2,605) 12.1 Miles
Lexington Township, MI  (pop. 3,511) 12.2 Miles
Croswell City, MI  (pop. 2,658) 12.2 Miles
Kimball Township, MI  (pop. 9,395) 12.3 Miles
Marysville City, MI  (pop. 10,002) 14.5 Miles

Latitude/Longitude of Burtchville Township, Michigan

Lat: 43.119183 N        Long: -82.499528 W

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Economic Analysis

People and the communities they live in depend on money. The people of Burtchville Township, Michigan need food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. Business formation and job creation are essential to this community. Money sustains infrastructure such as roads and airports as well as human resources including fire rescue and police protection.

There are 0 Farms In Burtchville Township, Michigan

(updated 2008)

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Housing Analysis

Everyone needs shelter in rented housing or individually owned homes. Each community, including Burtchville Township, Michigan, is different from the rest based on overall architecture, appearance, occupancy, average housing square footage, average home value, and average home age.

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Government Analysis

People run the government through election of representatives and officials. Local governments are important to provide cohesion between individuals who must share public places. Worthwhile laws need to be debated, passed, and then enforced for a community to remain viable. Communities such as Burtchville Township, Michigan are often affected in positive and negative ways by government performance.

Health Care Centers Close To Burtchville Township, Michigan

Hospitals Close To Burtchville Township, Michigan

Nursing Homes Close To Burtchville Township, Michigan

Closest Nuclear Power Plant To
Burtchville Township, Michigan

Distance: 0 Miles

(updated 2007)

Social Security Users in Burtchville Township, Michigan

(updated 2007)

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Taxes Analysis

Using tax dollars, government officials keep public places in repair, protect citizens, and provide for important services for the benefit of Burtchville Township, Michigan citizens.

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Weather Analysis

The enjoyment of the area in which you live is often affected by the weather. Each individual has a different view on what weather patterns will make them most happy. Some people love the seasons, others enjoy warm temperatures throughout the year while others may love the snow. The weather provided for Burtchville Township, Michigan is based on over 50 years of data.

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Crime Analysis

Everyone wants to feel safe. Individuals and families want to remain protected from violent or property crime. The crime data should not be totally relied upon when making a decision on where to live. If you are concerned, visit Burtchville Township, Michigan directly or research local government web sites.

Number of Sex Offenders In Michigan

(updated 2014)

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