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Marine City City, Michigan Complete Government Analysis

   (County: St. Clair County)

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Health Care Centers Close To Marine City City, Michigan

Hospitals Close To Marine City City, Michigan

Nursing Homes Close To Marine City City, Michigan

Closest Nuclear Power Plant To
Marine City City, Michigan

Name: Fermi 2
Address: 6400 North Dixie Highway; Newport, MI 48166
Distance: 65 Miles

(updated 2007)

Social Security Users in Marine City City, Michigan

    Retired Workers: 950
    Disabled Workers: 220
    Widowers Workers: 190
    Spouses Workers: 90
    Children Workers: 115

(updated 2007)

Government Finances In Marine City City, Michigan


Parks & Recreation: $59,000
Sewerage: $548,000
Solid Waste Management: $208,000
All Other: $603,000


Water Utilities: $662,000

Federal Intergovernmental

All Other: $14,000

State Intergovernmental

General Support: $510,000
Highways: $287,000

Local Intergovernmental

All Other: $122,000

Current Operations

Financial Administration: $151,000
Fire Protection: $264,000
Central Staff Services: $211,000
General Public Buildings: $116,000
Regular Highways: $648,000
Libraries: $16,000
Parks & Recreation: $182,000
Police Protection: $908,000
Protective Inspection And Regulation, Nec: $68,000
Sewerage: $791,000
Solid Waste Management: $201,000
General - Other: $363,000
Water Utilities: $939,000


Fire Protection: $10,000
Regular Highways: $76,000
Police Protection: $125,000
General: $35,000
Water Utilities: $1,857,000


Interest On Debt: $166,000


Property: $2,169,000
Other License: $33,000


Property Sale Other: $4,000
Interest Earnings: $150,000
Fines & Forfeits: $22,000

Bond Fund

Cash & Deposits: $779,000

Other Funds

Cash & Deposits: $2,917,000

Otal Salaries & Wages: $1,890,000
Ong Term Debt Issue, Unspecified Public Purpose: $1,704,000
Ong Term Debt Retired Unspecified Public Purpose: $679,000
Ong Term Debt Outstanding Unspecified Public Purpo: $6,791,000

Long Term Debt Beginning Outstanding

Unspecified Public Purpose: $5,766,000

(updated 2006)

St. Clair County, Michigan Presidential Election

  • Kerry & Edwards 45.36%
  • Bush & Cheney 53.60%
  • Other 1.04%

(updated 2004)

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